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Wine Bloggers Conference – Wines of Portugal

Written By: Andrew on August 2, 2009 1 Comment

Nothing better than wrapping up a long day of wine tasting – with another wine tasting party!  On behalf of all the wine bloggers – a BIG Thank You to The Wines of Portugal for hosting us all and throwing a great after-party.

Marcio Ferreira spearheads the events of Wine of Portugal, and I have met him on 3 occasions now.  In these encounters, I always learn a little bit more about what Portugal is bringing to the table.  Well it is easily said they are always bringing fun grapes and good wines where ever they go.  As I got to the after party at the tail end it was a bit too loud for views of the wines (although I tried), but Marcio made up for this by giving me a 7 minute interview where he goes pretty in depth as to what The Wine of Portugal are all about.

Have a look at the video, if you have any more questions or comments leave them below, I or Marcio will get back to you on them.  Portugal boasts over 200 varietals, 13+ growing regions, and many styles of wines…7 minutes will never capture all of it.  But if anything I hope this brief overview opens up your mind and palate to explore Portugal.  As Marcio says “They have to work on thin margins and mark-ups, so the wine in the bottle is going to be VERY GOOD for the PRICE you will pay.”  These kind of tips are key to all of us wine connoisseurs – as its even easier to enjoy a good wine at a great price, then a good wine at big price.

Thanks again to Marcio of www.ViniPortugal.pt  and also to  Carrie from Cortes De Cima!

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One Response to “Wine Bloggers Conference – Wines of Portugal”

  1. Funchal on: 11 February 2011 at 6:57 am

    Lissaboa är bara några av de pärlor som finns i Portugal. Klart att rekommendera för vår semestern.

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