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Napa Valley

Written By: Andrew on June 30, 2009 Comments Off

Off-Road Vineyard Tour!

Yes -  this is Napa Valley, and in the 1960′s Willies Jeep we have the 2 stars of the Food + Wine’s article – Affordable & Hidden Napa Valley.  Trent Ghiringhelli & Drew Dickson are the people who are “Taking Back The Valley” and breaking down the preconceptions of a [...]

Written By: Andrew on June 28, 2009 6 Comments

Trent from Heibel Ranch Vineyards talks a bit about Canopy Management and trimming of the vines.   Although it was not so easy to keep up with Trent with the video, we see how the vines are trained and managed.  The idea is that the “Canopy” or leafy growth will naturally grow outward, and [...]

Written By: Andrew on June 16, 2009 1 Comment

The Napa Valley Wine Auction was a hit.  They raised approximately $6million and it was a heck of a Soiree.

In our quick coverage, you will see some of the bidding action, general decor by Erin Martin, the Trefethen Family tricycle race, screaming eagle, dancing, and artwork by Neurontin side effects

Written By: Andrew on June 14, 2009 1 Comment

Cheers! St Helena.

The first Friday of every month through October is the Cheers St Helena Event.  This is an event that brings wineries/vineyards into the shops along the main drag in St Helena.  It is a fun event especially if you like wine, enjoy social atmospheres, and shopping.

I thought it would be fun for everyone [...]

Written By: Andrew on June 14, 2009 No Comment

Viader gave us an awesome tour & there was a lot to see!

One thing to note when you see a longer video from Vineyard Vlog, that means that the host spent a lot of time with us and gave us a great tour.  I apologize if the video is long, but know [...]

Written By: Andrew on June 13, 2009 No Comment

This was a special treat and is the kind of thing you to need to be “in the know” in order to show-up (and it is assumed that you are in the trade)  although there were a few fans and friends attending, but they still brought their own bottles to share.

What you will see is [...]

Written By: Andrew on June 13, 2009 No Comment

Vineyard Vlog went to this event on a last minute tip and had no idea what to expect.   This tasting event was great.  There were 30+ wineries and vineyards presenting new release and current wine offerings.  The stipulation for what wine could be served at this event , is that all wine being poured had [...]

Written By: Andrew on May 31, 2009 No Comment

I stopped in at Gulliams and was lucky to catch them just beginning a tasting. Great wines, Great Property, Great People.

Check out the quick video of the wine and property. 7 acres, 3 Varietals, and 5 Estate wines – killer Cab Franc & Cab Sauv. It is a good look at the [...]

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