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August 2009

Written By: Andrew on August 31, 2009 No Comment

Lucky for us we were with Andrew Lane Wines doing a sugar test of his Gamay, and I was able to get some footage of Chardonnay Harvest.

Was a good time and you’ll see the raw side of getting the poetry from the vine to the bins, to the truck…..and  To Be Continued!

Written By: Andrew on August 23, 2009 No Comment

We really enjoyed our time at Failla and know you will too.  I can say this confidently, as who can argue tasting fine wines in what feels to be a vacation lodge tucked away in the Northern part of Napa Valley?

At our tasting (I apologize this video is a very quick overview), [...]

Written By: Andrew on August 2, 2009 203 Comments
Wine Aeration Article via Wellesley Wine Press

This article was originally published at Wellesley Wine Press,

by Andrew Lazorchak

Wine Aerobics Motivator

Every time I speak at a wine show or class, there is one common point I make. Make sure that you treat your wine right – the golden rule. Not only will you get maximum enjoyment from [...]

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Written By: Andrew on August 2, 2009 No Comment

Carina Cellars has been a great acquaintance and what a pleasure it is to go visit them in Los Olivos.  If you are not familiar with the Movie Sideways, that is fine, but go to  Los Olivos and get down with the wines and the beautiful surroundings.

Carina Cellars is also in [...]

Written By: Andrew on August 2, 2009 5 Comments

We went back to Viader, as the first time we visited the tasting room was reserved for a private function.  In coressponding with Janet Viader, we decided it would be worthwhile to come try their wines again, but this time so that you could all taste along virtually.  Viader, as I mentioned [...]

Written By: Andrew on August 2, 2009 1 Comment

Nothing better than wrapping up a long day of wine tasting – with another wine tasting party!  On behalf of all the wine bloggers – a BIG Thank You to The Wines of Portugal for hosting us all and throwing a great after-party.

Marcio Ferreira spearheads the events of Wine of Portugal, [...]

Written By: Andrew on August 1, 2009 3 Comments

Jake & Josh Beckett are 2 brothers that know wine and know the business.  Having been entrenched in their family business with great success, you will see this momentum can not be stopped and Chonic Cellars is the next gen.

Having known Jake since 2007 we seem to always bump into each other [...]

Written By: Andrew on August 1, 2009 No Comment

This was an unexpected Vineyard Vlog outing.  I popped in on Steve & Pam at the very end of the day.  After spending quite some time with them in their home we ventured down to their wine making facility.  The facility is very straightforward – and within a few minutes it was clear to see [...]

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On our rockstar Saturday bus adventure, we got to wrap up the night with Spring Mountain Vineyards.  Spring Mtn was super accommodating and even went so far as to pull bottles for further tasting upon request, Thank You!   Spring Mtn is known for Bordeaux blends, but also have other wines, [...]

Written By: Andrew on August 1, 2009 7 Comments

Day 2 WBC 09 – thoughts and first video.(To be continued)

Ask A Blogger~

Saturday was awesome if you were a blogger and at the WBC!

Overall WBC09 was a smashing success.  The morning started off with an enthralling lecture at the CIA- Greystone. The first lecture was great, and my take on the lecture is this: [...]

Written By: Andrew on August 1, 2009 No Comment

Witness Tree was another one of those places I was recommended to go to, and boy am I glad I did.  There is nothing better than cruising up to a vineyard and sitting and drinking wine with the proprietors on their front porch.  Admittedly, Dennis from Witness Tree was not sure [...]

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