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The Wine Bloggers Conference 2009

As social media is making more of a presence and the paradigms are shifting, there is plenty of “chatter” about social media.   But what are the metrics for a field undefined?  This is my concern, that there are no metrics for social media, and in order for success to be claimed we better have some way to measure it.

At the same time, I am witnessing ex-dotcom marketing firms that are quick on the draw to become social media marketing gurus, and as a result the social media world is becoming “murky”.    These are the words of a vineyard owner, that was complaining about $95 an hour consultants pitching themselves like door-to-door salesmen who want to make a facebook page.   (yes $95 per hour for a facebook page)  Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who don’t want to miss the boat, and are engaging in social media by any means/cost necessary.  The sad reality, is that Social Media is a viable outlet for brand growth and it’s credibility is walking a tight-rope between: Flash in the pan-marketing consultants & Genuine brand builders and leaders.   The first Critical questions are:  Who is doing what, how they are doing it, and what of these methods is truly successful.

And for the record, I am ecstatic to see the wine trade embracing social media as a phenomenon – Social media is truly perfect for the wine industry, as it is inherently a social product.   However, and not to cry wolf,  I am frightened for a young industry, that appears to be teetering on cannibalizing itself.

The inherent problem, there is no Datum for social media.  Yet there are 100o’s of strategies for how to gain brand recognition.  So how can anyone know if a Social media agenda is successful???   My goal here is to take my vantage point at the innards of  Social media “2.0″ as it is today and discuss what is going on.  I want to allow the people inside and outside the bubble to see clearly – just what is happening.

We see this segment of our Vlog as a white-board for everyone considering or practicing social media so as to have a reference point, a sounding board, and a place to incubate inspiration for growth and sound development – with understood metrics.

We welcome you to start off with my written comments on the Wine Bloggers Conference 2009 the story is titled “Ask A Blogger”.


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